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I'm currently working on the following wargames projects, most of which are slow burn.

Great Northern War. I've been painting a Swedish and Russian army for this on and off for the past 15 years. I recently started re-basing them, but now I've changed my mind, so I may re-base them again. When I have a few done I'll take some photos.

Crimean War: I now decided to do this in 28mm. So far I have only a unit of Russian Lancers painted. I'm painting Russian infantry next, then probably some British infantry.

Napoleonics: I've got a painted 15mm Swedish army from a few years ago. I'm still deciding on which of the current rules out there to use, or to write my own. I've also started a Russian army in 28mm, but I only have the one battalion painted. I must get back to that and paint another battalion.

Thirty Years War: Lots of painted miniatures I have, but all painted at different times from different companies. This project need a rethink as I have plenty of miniatures, but I'm as yet not sure how I want to do it.

Flames Of War WWII: I currently have a large amount of painted Hungarian stuff that can make about four different armies for mid and late war. I have plans to paint some more. I also have Germans, Soviets and British, plus plans for Italian, Finnish and Romanian armies.

I also have miniatures for a variety of projects I will get to one day, everything from Ancients to WWI.